There should be lot of research done before deciding to go to Medical schools in the Caribbean islands. Do not take what you see at face value. Ensure that you

  • Check to see if the Medical boards in the country you want to eventually practice RECOGNIZE AND APPROVE  the medical school. If you intend to practice or do residency in America do check if they have board approval. A lot of Caribbean medical schools say that their students go on to America for residency training. However America is a country with 50 States and the medical school may only be approved by  2 or 3 out of the 50 states. This reduces your chances for residency match.  Also note that if you want to transfer from one medical school to another,a school that has approval from i.e (The medical board of California + states that follow the California medical boards approval) will most likely not accept transfer credits from a student who went to a Medical school without approval from California.
  • Ensure that you are sure of the schools policy on dismissal especially academic dismissals. This is very important as you can be dismissed in your final semester for failure to pass certain exams after 3 attempts at that exam. Some schools are big on this and some schools are not
  • Have Health Insurance. I know of a student who was involved in a car accident and was rushed to a private hospital on the island. His bill amounted to thousands of U.S dollars as he needed to have surgeries.
  • Google up on the schools on the internet and i dont mean the school website. I cannot stress this enough it could save you a lot of hassle in the future.
  • Travel and visit the school. travel down and have a look at Island. Go and visit the school. Are the pictures of the labs on their website the same as what you see in person? If you are happy then try and make contact with the estate agents prior and book appointments for apartment viewing for when you want to finally arrive
  • Try to book a Self contained Airbnb for about 4 days when you finally arrive. This will help you to settle down and go for your appointments for viewing. A lot of students due to the high costs of staying in hotels on arrival, end up rushing and taking a less than desired accommodation due to wanting to cut down on hotel costs. This can affect them as moving house during an academic semester can be quite disruptive for a student