MD3 and MD4

MD3 and MD4

So for those of you who may be a bit confused about the MD Title; In the caribbean medical schools we do the Basic sciences and the Clinical sciences. At Atlantic it was 4 semesters of basic sciences and then a 5th Semester which acts as a bridge between basic sciences and the clinical sciences or hospital rotations.

Alright so Md3 was pretty straightforward for some subjects like Path and Micro, but i really struggled with Neuroscience and Pharmacology. The drug names for Pharm are a lot. As for Neuro i missed some classes in the which just made it difficult to follow through especially as my program was accelerated.

Psychologically it was a nightmare. My migraines were coming a lot more and i had insomnia.  I was also so sad; that i had to fly home to England for a bit. ( It is very important to have a very good support system in medical school and have loads of friends so if one lets you down you have others)

I also occupied myself and ran and was elected as the treasurer of the Student Government Association. We opened a school shop which was a hit with the students i brought some indomie noodles and bounty chocolates for the shop, from England which sold very fast. We also held a boat trip as well which was a great success. We had like 60 students and we did it in collaboration with another medical school on the island. It really was a lovely experience.

At the end  of Md4 though our school announced that it was relocating to Antigua due to some issues with the higher authorities in St Lucia and America. I really was not looking forward to moving as i had made a life in St lucia. I had friends, i loved my apartment, i had a good friendship with my landlord who was a local and i had an amazing personal trainer, who was leading me on to my weight goals. However we still had to relocate. School provided transportation to cargo all our stuff. I had like 5 or 6 pieces of luggage and my dear friend DJ came down to my apartment in his car to  help me take some of my luggage to school where the container was loading . The school bus also came by and took the other suitcases. 😐😐

On the other hand though the week prior to loading up for Antigua, i had flown to Antigua to check out the island and sort my accomodation out. I knew that most students would fly straight after exams to Antigua and Barbudu. I on the other hand wanted to go home to UK. Thus when i resumed in September i knew it would be difficult finding a good place as it would have been taken. So i went to Antigua for 3 days or so. I found a place and paid my deposit. So fast forward to St lucia cause upon my return i lost my British Passport🤣 the day i arrived back in St Lucia from Antigua   So i had to deal with packing up all my stuff, saying good bye to my mates ( as per GMC rules; to write PLAB i needed to do 50% of my course  at same location of my uni, but for ECFMG those rules didnt apply, so my classmates could do MD5 and all clinicals in America as they all wanted  to go to America or Canada. I wanted to go back to UK so had to go by the GMC rules)  and also getting an emergency travel certificate.  Eventually though i sorted everything out, spent like a whole day trying to get the ETC in St Lucia especially cause authorization had to come from Barbados🤔. So it was a long long day!!!!

MD4 ended with promises of Md5 being blissful and straight forward……If only


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