Its the end of MD2!!

THIS POST COMES UP 6 WEEKS LATE..LOL I AM NOW 5 WEEKS INTO MD3 !!!!!!!!20161005_115909Oh my, time has gone so fast im done with MD2 already. Im home now and preparing to go back to school for MD 3. All in all it was a very interesting semester.

First of all i went in afraid of one course.. Almighty Physiology. This is because some of the upper class students that i had spoken to, had really made it seem like it was almost impossible to pass it. So i went in scared and praying to just pass . Im like i just need a P lord lol(70% and above) I didnt even think to strive for honouring the course(92% and above) . I did honour one course in MD 1 and so i wanted to be hopeful. Anyhow the first day of Physiology class started uneventful and barely 40 mins into the class, i started getting signs of my migraine. (Prior to the end of MD1 i got really bad migraines and i had been unable to pinpoint the cause. It got really bad and i had to be prescribed beta blockers .) However during the holidays there was no migraine whatsoever lol……so now im sitting in Physiology class in the first day of MD2 and i can clearly pin point the trigger..MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!!! However i really dont know if its the stress of worrying about passing or worrying about home in Kent. Anyways , as the Physiology classes continued throughout the semester it turned out to be one of the most interesting classes,and i did well in my first exam so all the worry was unecessary i guess.

My other courses Medical Biochemistry/Genetics ,DPS and Epidemology were also pretty straightforward and uneventful. Although i didnt like learning about all the cycles and pathways in Biochemistry. I also had to do a theoritical cloning experiment which really pushed me to do some reading into Genetic modifications. I found it really  eye opening though.

This semester  was emotionally challenging and very tough. The saturday after my block 1 examinations i woke up with such intense pain in my right arm that i knew i needed a doctor. Fastforward to seeing a specialist and i was diagnosed with tendonitis of my right thumb. A large cast was placed on my arm for 3 weeks!!!!

I could not write or take notes, i could barely cook! it was tough.Sadly i learn best taking  notes in class.  Living alone with a non functioning right hand was tough. Thus i resigned myself to the fact that my grades for block 2 exam would suffer as the exam was a week after my cast came off. To make matters worse, when the cast was taken off i was still in pain!! I then had 2 options surgery of steroid injections to buy me time. 😣😣.

I ended up taking the steroid injection one week after the cast came of, so basically it was like my block 2 exams were screwed!!! I did pull through and did pretty well. I got and 89,80,83.7 and a 74 respectively for my 4 courses. I was really happy with that.

The final block 3 exams in december were pretty uneventful. Actually the day of my Epidemology exam was my birthday ☺☺. So that was a little event on the day i guess. Myself and my classmates did have a get together on the day of our final exams. That was a really good end to a good semester.

Now i go back to start Md3. Wish me luck!!

Oh least i forget i was nominated to tutor Anatomy and Histology to the Md1’s.  Its actually a good feeling to know that the lecturers think youre that good in a course ☺☺☺

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